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Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH

Standardkessel Baumgarte are a long established German technology and EPC company specialising in energy from waste and biomass.
As a technology provider as well as an EPC contractor, we provide the complete technical solution using our design expertise to our customers advantage.  Our customers benefit from our uniquely wide-ranging process know-how, our broad range of supplies and services - and above all from the experience gained from numerous references,  in which aspects such as high availability, high fuel utilization rates, maximum flexibility in operating methods and fuel use are repeatedly in the focus.
Wherever energy in the form of steam, hot water or electricity is required, Standardkessel Baumgarte markets the complete range of technology with long-term support from the experts.

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Technikgruppe (TG) is an Austrian company located in Premstaetten near Graz. TG is a provider of cutting-edge control systems of leading manufacturers and independent process solution provider in the field of energy from waste and energy from biomass. TG offers worldwide integration and optimisation support for incineration plants.

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Dalkia Wastenergy

Dalkia Wastenergy is a subsidiary of Dalkia within the EDF Group specializing in waste recovery. Since 1922, its expertise resides in design, construction and operation of thermal, biological and materials processing plants. With a wide reference in its field, Dalkia Wastenergy is one of the leader on its market : 

44 plants built worldwide, of which 33 are based on the ROCK technology (Rotary Oscillating Combustion Kiln) : a european patent held by Dalkia Wastenergy;
19 Energy-from-Waste plants of various tonnage capacities operated in France, UK and Poland recovering a total of 3,13 million tons of waste each year.

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Metso Waste Recycling

Metso Waste Recycling specializes in the design and manufacture of shredding equipment to effectively and reliably reduce the size of all material. Through more around 1000 installations worldwide and continued focus on R&D, Metso Waste Recycling is one of the world’s leading suppliers of shredders for the recycling industry. Our position also stems from our customer focus. We endeavor to supply you and your business with the best shredder solution; we always do our best to understand your current situation, and your future needs.

Our customers include companies that work with incineration, hazardous waste, waste-to-energy, recycling, landfills, cement production and composting. All Metso shredders share certain common features, including exceptionally robust construction. We use components from internationally recognized suppliers, to ensure maximum performance and durability.

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