Prof. Dr. Andreas Hornung

Director of the institute branch Fraunhofer Umsicht Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany, Fraunhofer Umsicht

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hornung studied for his first degree at Technical University Darmstadt in Germany. He completed his Doctorate in Natural Sciences at Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern. Prof. Hornung is an expert in thermo catalytic conversion of biomass and organic residues for sustainable fuels and chemical synthesis. He has over 25 years’ experience in developing novel reactor systems for the conversion of biomass and has expertise in designing, building and operating reactor units to achieve desired outcomes at all scales of operation. Prof Hornung currently holds positions as Director of the Fraunhofer Institute, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany. Furthermore he keeps the Chair in Bioenergy at the University of Birmingham (UK) and is Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy) as well as Professor in High Temperature Process technologies at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany). He currently holds 18 patents and has published over 150 scientific papers.

Julie Knox